Department of Ecology

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The Department of Ecology has 16 professors, three associate professors, one associate researcher and one senior engineer. Among them, there is two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one jointly-appointed Academician, one professor of the Overseas Expert, six granted the Outstanding Young Scientist Awards and five awarded the Overseas Expert for Young Talents

The Department of Ecology addresses the cutting edge of the discipline and the critical needs of the country, systematic studies have been carried out on global climate change and its ecological response, Terrestrial ecosystem Carbon cycle, biodiversity protection, vegetation ecology, landscape ecology and landscape planning, urban ecology. The Department of Ecology has advanced experimental conditions in plant physiological ecology, Paleoecology, plant morphology and anatomy, Phytochemistry and soil chemical analysis, ecological remote sensing, Biogeochemical cycle process, Microbial ecology and other fields, and has built the Saihanba National Field Scientific Observation Research station. On the basis of fully absorbing excellent ecological education experience both domestically and internationally, we have established an ecological talent training system that is suitable for China's national conditions, ranging from undergraduate to postdoctoral studies