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CUES offers undergraduate degree programs, in which students earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Engineering upon completion. The five undergraduate degree programs on offer include Environmental Science, Ecological Science, Physical Geography, Human Geography, and Urban and Regional Planning.

In the past eight years, CUES`s undergraduate degree programs have undergone a series of reforms that have 1) addressed the changing needs in the discipline and within the society; 2) provided students with more flexibility to focus on their individual interests and long-term developmental goals; 3) provided students with better training and expertise; 4) provided students with more personalized advising and guidance; and 5) provided students with an increased number of  extracurricular activities, including research and social projects.

Peking University attracts top students from all over the country, many of whom represent the most promising academics in their respective fields of study.

Chinese higher education traditionally focuses on course content and material, but lacks hands-on training. In order to remedy this problem, in 2002 Peking University launched an undergraduate student research initiative, in which undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in academic research, in addition to their thesis, after two years of course work. Students typically participate in the research initiative for about three semesters and can earn four to six credits.

The student-teacher ratio for the undergraduate program is approximately 5.7:1 at UES (4.23:1 for all majors except the Urban and Regional Planning). Such rich faculty resources enable UES to provide individual supervision to our undergraduate student.

All undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for a research project or a research assistant position. Successful applicants are assigned an academic supervisor, who will provide systematic guidance during the students`research work, in addition to his/her course work. Among other responsibilities, a supervisor also aids students in planning his/her course work and any additional research activities. Each professor can supervise a maximum of two undergraduate students each year.

Every year, outstanding students at UES earn a number of awards and honors in academics, research, sports, cultural activities, and other extracurricular activities. During the 2011/12 academic year, UES students received more than 300 awards/honors, including one national award and 15 awards from the Beijing Municipal Government. For example, in 2010 Fan Jinyi was awarded the College Students of the Year in China for her LinGe Program initiative, in which she and fellow students launched a green campus and low-carbon education initiative. The program has attracted some 6,000 participants since.



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