Department of Urban and Economic Geography


Human Geography is the branch of the social sciences distinguished by its attention to the relation of humanity to the earth. Its main research fields include urban geography, economic geography, population geography, cultural geography, political geography, settlement geography, etc.
Our department, formerly known as the Teaching and Research Center of Economic Geography at PKU founded in 1955, is established in 2007. The faculty mainly major in two clusters: Economic Geography and Urban Geography. Building upon our strengths in industrial geography, theoretical geography, and urban and regional economics, the Economic Geography research cluster is a pioneering interdisciplinary academic hub for research on the advancement of urban theories, the exploration of sustainable solutions for cities, and the development of innovative networks and industrial districts. It also takes a leading role in traditional research, including but not limited to, the study of real estate, tourism geography, manufacturing geography and industrial agglomeration. The Urban Geography research cluster focuses on the research in urban China with special respects to urbanization, urban system, and urban structure. By sharing our research results with an attention to international comparative studies, the cluster contributes to urban theories in terms of the definition of urbanization, the evolution of urban system and urban spatial structure, urban social geography, and urban self-organization. It also puts a special emphasis on the application of urban geography in the rapid development in China, which has made the cluster influential domestically. 
We encourage work that serves the demands of society and get involved in the practices of regional planning, urban system planning, urban and regional strategic planning, land use planning, and the consultation of government policies. These practices have been widely adopted by authorities and have attracted public attentions.
At present, our department houses one undergraduate degree program (Human Geography and Urban & Rural Planning) and two graduate programs (MS and Ph.D. in Human Geography), and has over 100 students. Many graduates are commanding influential positions in multinational corporations, in national, state and international government, in non-governmental organizations, and by continuing with further research.
We are proud of our longstanding commitment to working within and across the discipline and playing our roles in the process of economic and social development and urbanization in China. We are also seeking for progress by collaborating internationally, enhancing teaching continuously, and expanding our influence constantly.

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