Department of Physical Geography and Natural Resources

Dating back to the year of 1952, when Chinese College Department Adjustment was launched, Department of Geology and Geography was founded by Department of Geoscience, Tsinghua University and some teaching staffs from Yenching University. Physical geography major of Peking University was founded at that time, and was one of the first Chinese institutions focusing on natural resources research. Physical geography major of Peking University then was the origin of Chinese integrated physical geography and land science. Distinguished geographical professors such as Lin Chao, Chen Chuankang, Li Xiaofang, and Xu Qigang are pioneers of this discipline.


Currently, 19 faculties are involved in teaching and research of physical geography, comprising 9 professors, 6 associate professors, 2 Academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, 2 Yangtze River scholars distinguished professor, 2 Thousand Youth Talents distinguished professor. Physical geography major has Doctoral and Master’s programs in physical geography and Bachelor’s program for physical geography and environment and resources. The Bachelor’s program is the base of Chinese national science teaching and research training, and is also qualified to the training plan of the national top-notch talent. Physical geography major has been on the top position in all previous China Discipline Ranking.


For a long time, physical geography major persists in integrated research based on land resource, water resource, climate resource, regional physical structure and its dynamics. In addition, we also focus on the mechanism of interactions between global environmental change and anthropogenic activities, fundamental theory of LUCC and its application on regional sustainability. Recently, there are eight main research areas in our department: land science; resource management and regional tourism development; landscape ecology and land use; global environmental change and land ecosystem; nature conservation and environmental management; river basin integrated management; regional ecological security and risk research; phenology on ecology perspective.




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