Professor Ademola Braimoh was invited to give lecture “Practical Considerations for Land Systems Vulnerability Assessment

09 November , 2009


·On the morning of November 19, 2009,Professor Ademola Braimoh from Sustainable Science Center of Hokkaido University was invited to give lecture “Practical Considerations for Land Systems Vulnerability Assessment” for the teachers and students of our college in 3358 classroom of Yi Fu Er Lou Building. Dr. Ademola Braimoh is Executive Director of the Global Land Project, Sapporo Nodal Office in Japan. and mainly engaged in the land change science, vulnerability assessment and environmental management of Geo-spatial analysis technology research.

· In this lecture, on the basis of practical demands and theoretical difficulties of the vulnerability studies, Professor Ademola Braimoh proposed the basic framework of the land system vulnerability assessment, gives the sensitivity to adapt to the potential and exposure assessment of factors such as the theory of meaning analysis of relevant quantitative evaluation of the main problems; Gives the theory of the assessment factors of sensitivity, adaptation potential and exposure, analysis the main problems in relevant quantitative evaluation. He also took the China`s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as a case area and gave the sample on how to deal with vulnerability assessment problems under the threat of drought. After the lecture, students asked many questions with enthusiasm, and exchanged their ideas with Ademola Braimoh in the difference and relation of land system vulnerability assessment, regional ecological vulnerability assessment, and ecological risk evaluation. Students asked the questions of spatial and temporal scales characteristics about the evaluation index and other issues.

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